The Kerem Tunnel allows for a the most unique riding and hiking experience. In the 42-kilometer Jerusalem Ring Path cycling route, which surrounds the capital, the Kerem Tunnel was inaugurated.

The tunnel links the paths between Nahal Refaim and Emek Motza. It has a southern entrance in Refaim Park. Ein Laban is the closest. Nahal Ein Kerem is the northern entrance.

The tunnel's official opening ceremony which measures 2.1 kilometers long was held in Jerusalem and the Heritage Minister Ze'ev Elkin, Mayor Moshelion and Avi Baleshnikov (Gihon water company chairman) as well as a plethora of cyclists.

The city's rich history was a reason why it was an extremely popular tourist destination during the time of its glory. Elkin said that today, apart from its rich history, Jerusalem is also a destination for modern-day tourists. "The opening of this tunnel project is a further part of the growth of the city of Jerusalem as well as its development into an attractive tourist city for all types of people throughout Israel as well as around the world."

Elkin the minister whose ministry as well as the Jerusalem Municipality led the project, said that the Jerusalem Municipality's ministry "invests hundreds of millions of shekels each year in the growth of all aspects Jerusalem's visitors and in the creation and operation of new tourist attractions, ventures, and activities that connect the glorious history of Jerusalem to the future". I encourage cyclists to take advantage of a a well-maintained, modern cycle route, which overlooks the stunning nature of Old Jerusalem.

iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Elkin's Ministry Elkin's Ministry, the Tourism Ministry, Jerusalem Municipality as well as the Gihon Corporation all contributed to the project. The Jerusalem Development Authority completed the project.

Elkin said the fact that "The Kerem Tunnel Project is an essential tool for achieving the dream to transform the concept of transportation throughout Jerusalem." "The tunnel is set to connect to the Jerusalem Ring Path. It will connect with the various cycle paths already in the city. The paths will be paved within the numerous neighborhoods. The goal is to promote cycling among the residents of Jerusalem.

The Kerem Tunnel was first excavated in the 1990s to move the main sewer line of the Gihon Corporation toward the purification plant located in Sorek It is situated just west of the city. It is currently used as an infrastructure tunnel that includes the fifth water line that connects to Jerusalem from the Mekorot water company.

"The Kerem tunnel is a key tool to realize the vision to transform Jerusalem's transport system. "

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon Road construction, installation and testing of electrical and safety systems are just some of the ongoing projects to ensure the tunnel is safe throughout the year.

The Kerem Tunnel gives you access to numerous recreation sites, including Ein Kerem Neighborhood, the Biblical Zoo and Aquarium, and also historic natural springs Ein Haniyeh or Ein Laban.

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