Online dating industry is booming and thousands of single men and women are signing up in these sites looking for a partner or mate. For the western guys, dating hot Asian girls online is popular and most of them can really build up great relationships with these beautiful girls, however, how to make a successful first date after such a long time chatting online? Those who are good communicators online may not be proficient at communicating face to face. So here are some tips to consider when Asian dating:

A shared sense of humor is important. Try to bring laughter to the date. Try to get a laugh out of the girl. That way you know you've got something. If she doesn't get your jokes what else is she going to "get" about you?We sometimes add unnecessary pressure because of the hope that this lady is "the One". Please don't do that to yourself. Remember it's just a date. Enjoy yourself and take things one date at a time.Have realistic expectations about a first date. Some people start planning their wedding and others expect the worst. Usually all this will do is put a strain on the relationship before it even begins.If you are meeting someone you know only through a personal ad or an online dating service be sure to go to a place with plenty of other people around. And do not blab out your whole life story on the first date. Keep it general: music, books, movies.If the date goes well do not hang on until the wee hours of the morning. There will likely be a next time. Don't feel like you have to milk it for all it's worth. Just look forward to spending time together again.Look for something creative and make sure it allows you to interact. It will help if the activity relates to a shared interest, such as art or music.Remember that the first date is supposed to be fun. You are getting to know this person and your Asian lady is getting to know you. It should not be something that feels like a meeting with your boss. So relax, enjoy Asian dating, be natural, and go with the flow! And GOOD LUCK!!

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