can protect yourself from harmful EMF electromagnetic radiation through blocking the frequency. The radioactivity has been associated to a variety of adverse health effects, such as leukemia and heart disease. It is also associated with the development of several types of cancer, including brain cancer. In the last few years, more than 400 scientific studies independently conducted by scientists have been published that prove the link to EMF radiation and cancer. It is, therefore, essential to protect yourself from this dangerous radiation.

The source of electromagnetic fields are derived from both natural and manmade sources. This type of radiation is low-level that is sometimes referred to as nonionizing electromagnetic radiation. Although the majority of health professionals claim the fact that EMF can be safe for you, many researchers have discovered a weak connection between EMF as well as a myriad of other health conditions. EMF-blocking paint can be one method to shield yourself from the radiation.

Another method of reducing your risk of exposure EMF radiation is to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone. Make use of headphones or a speakerphone when possible and hold your phone further than your body while using the phone. Also, try using earbuds in case you are having difficulty hearing. If you are using a laptop, try to place it on a tabletop. You can also invest in an EMF blocking mat, which provides the additional protection.

Another method to reduce cellphone radiation is to put on an EMF blocking phone case. The case protects your device against harmful EMF radiation, acting as a shield between it and your body. But, EMF filtering products could actually cause more radiation, particularly if they feature flaps in the back.

img width="382" src=""> EMF-blocking paints are applied to ceilings, walls or floors. The paint will usually be black and will block electromagnetic fields and low frequency electrical fields. A single coat is usually enough to provide sufficient EMF protection, but a second coat may help. It is possible to apply regular paint on top of EMF-blocking paint.

It is also possible to apply EMF shielding fabric for window treatments. They are available in polyester and mesh materials. Certain of them have higher prices than other, and may cost hundreds of dollars. Some of them are available as pre-cut pieces or large rolls. However, is essential to verify the thickness of these shielding fabrics before purchasing these products.

Another method to shield your body to EMF Radiation is to avoid the latest technology. While modern technology is capable of producing EMF radiation, their power diminishes exponentially as they travel. This is because of the law of inverted squares. It is also suggested to reduce the amount of time you use these devices. When you must work in areas where these technologies are prevalent, try to minimize the frequency of use of these devices.

EMF shielding materials decrease the frequency of electromagnetic interference in an area by reducing the interactions between electrostatic fields and radio waves. They reduce the strength of electrostatic fields using an enclosure that is conductive, also known as a Faraday cage. of reduction depends on the type of material used to create the shield as well as the thickness of the shield, and the dimensions of the shielded area.

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