Both workers and visitors suffer from the consequences of the physical stress. When the temperature of the office is too low this can cause negativity within the workplace since employees could feel uncomfortable. The office will feel drained in the event that there is too much light and the sun shines brightly. Employees and visitors will be worse because they might be enticed to go to work early in order to get home from work.

The effectiveness of cubicles inside office spaces is affected by low temperatures. If workers work in these environments, the temperature of their bodies is higher than what is comfortable. This can cause fatigue and irritation. This phenomenon has already been shown to have some impact on productivity in cubicles where workers are spending the most hours in. It will also reduce body heat production, that helps employees stay at a comfortable temperature after spending a day during the winter months.

Office workplaces should have temperature-controlled cubicle spaces. Since cubicle rooms can be extremely hot during the daytime and cold in the evening It is vital to have this feature. If the space is filled with lots of light, it is also a big problem with the glare that the ceiling creates. To address this issue many offices select white-collar furniture with small bulbs which provide softer light than normal fluorescent bulbs. To circulate the air workplace workers can utilize ceiling fans.

Consumption of coffee by office workers has also been a major concern for designers. Workers in these positions tend to exhibit intermittent eating habits because of the pressure to meet deadlines, and creating catalogues and brochures. To avoid withdrawal symptoms from caffeine office workers, many workplaces have implemented coffee-related restrictions within their workplace environment. Some designers have developed different beverages like green tea, which can assist people cope with caffeine withdrawal.

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Another issue with cubicles and office space is the noise that is created by computers. The noise created by computers impacts the quality of work done by the workers. Designers should be able to make use of sound cancelling and microphones headphones so workers are not focused while they work within their workplaces. Also, designers should ensure the ventilation of the workspaces will not leave workers becoming tired after a long day.

Another issue is the loss of privacy caused by multiple people working in the same location. Designers have addressed this issue with cubicle partitions which allow you to divide your cubicle in two. This allows privacy to be secured when necessary while having a good working relationship and communication inside the office.

Designers have also added the concept of open offices in cubicles. These offices permit more sunshine into the cubicles, so that employees are able to enjoy sunlight. The company has also introduced closed offices, which are accessible via phones, emails and faxesas long as the worker has access to these systems. Open office and remote working have been used successfully across various industries, and increasingly, businesses are including the concept into workplace policies. In the coming years, it is likely that all companies will implement the open office technology into their business plans.

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