This refers to the hardware components of computer architecture. Computer architects need to have an in-depth knowledge of CPUs, data processors, multiprocessors, memory controls, and direct memory access. They need to be able to understand their specifications and how well different components work together.

[[What is Instruction Set Architecture?]]

This refers to the functions and capabilities of the CPU. Computer architects are expected to know how CPUs make software run, which means a knowledge of programming language, processor register types, data formats, and more.

What is Microarchitecture?

This refers to how data paths are integrated into the computer, such as disk drives and hard storage drives. As such, computer architects are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of data processing.

Becoming a Computer Architect

Computer architects are considered mid-to-high level roles in IT and computing teams. As such, those studying or training to become a computer architect (or computer network architect) should already have a BS in computer science, information systems, engineering or the equivalent fields.

Most computer architects come from a computer science-related field, with the experience in network security and database design crucial to their work. As such, these classes teach aspiring architects what they need to know about different technologies and networks and how they interact with each other.

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