This is nothing but an issue that the majority of users are facing these days. It is very disturbing sometimes and they feel irritating in the time a message pops up that says that Facebook has stopped responding or other similar types of errors. Maybe you are one of them, who ignore the message, but that is not the perfect solution to the issue. So you must be looking for a permanent solution, to get rid of this disturbing issue of facebook orca.

Before going for the solution, how to fix it or how to stop it or remove it, we must say one important thing. It is an important folder and should avoid deleting it. Yes, you can do it, but it is not a good idea. If you remove it, it will come over and over again and create the same problem, better to say more issues that you have been facing now.

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Last-modified: 2020-02-06 (木) 01:13:08 (153d)