Auli is a Himalayan ski resort and hill station in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. It’s surrounded by coniferous and oak forests, plus the Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat mountains. A long cable car links Auli to the town of Joshimath. North of Auli are the colorful Badrinath Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site, and the Valley of Flowers National Park, with its alpine flora and wildlife like snow leopards and red foxes.

Places to See in Auli Auli Ropeway. 4.4 kms / 24 mins. Paid Entry | Exploration Time 1 hr | ... Auli Artificial Lake. 2 kms / 15 mins. ... Gorson Bugyal. 4.7 kms / 19 mins. ... Chattrakund. 4 kms. ... Kwani Bugyal. 13 kms. ... Joshimath. 10 kms / 24 mins. ... Chenab Lake. Chenab Lake is a small crystalline water lake near Joshimath. ... Narsingh Temple. 10 kms.

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